Posted by: Scott Lee | October 4, 2010

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Posted by: Scott Lee | August 3, 2010

A good question

A question that should be asked of all politicians, running or current.  It is the question that has the focus back on Congressman Pete Stark and I think should be the question for the November elections.

 “If they(federal govt) can do this(Obamacare), what can’t they”?

It should be asked at every town hall and debate!  What “can’t” the federal government do? A very revealing question as to the motives and principles of the politician! 

At this point, we must agree,we are not experiencing a limited, restricted federal government.  So let’s put the politicians on record: “Congressman/Senator (wannabe), does the Constitution restrict the power of the federal government?” 

If they voted for Obamacare, then we already know the answer!


Posted by: Scott Lee | July 2, 2010

Virginia’s Signers – Let us never forget

Virginia’s Famous Signers

” . . . we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

In the crucial decade before the American Revolution, Williamsburg was a training ground for a remarkable body of men. When it became clear that war with Great Britain could not be avoided, George Wythe, Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Nelson, Francis Lightfoot Lee, and Carter Braxton met in Philadelphia with representatives from other colonies to declare independence from the mother country. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence and took the first momentous step toward establishing a new nation.

Virginian Signers of the Declaration of Independence

George Washington did not sign the Declaration of Independence because in July 1776 he was in New York preparing to defend Manhattan against the British.

Posted by: Scott Lee | June 28, 2010

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Posted by: Scott Lee | June 17, 2010

Our biggest threat…

I could not agree more!!!

Posted by: Scott Lee | June 9, 2010

Good verses Evil

In case you were wondering which side of the Israel/Arab debate you should be on or not sure if the battle is really about “good vs evil” or “right vs wrong” this should help clarify:

Land is more important than anything?  The rape of the land is more egregious than rape of a woman? 

Sick……and it makes me puke!

Posted by: Scott Lee | May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

FOR THE BRAVE…you will only see it here:

Posted by: Scott Lee | May 25, 2010

Obama’s reaction to VA lawsuit on Health care

Obama made a motion to dismiss the VA lawsuit based on the following:

  1. Virginia has no right to bring this case now
  2. Congress has authority under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause to order Americans to buy health insurance
  3. and health insurance is lawful under the taxing power of Congress

What jumps out at you?  All three are ridiculous and easily debunked.  (The Commerce Clause has been bastardized!)  But, the third is amazing!

Is the Obama adminstration actually arguing that the health care mandate is a tax, therefore lawful under Congress’ power to tax?  It does appear to be so!  Does anyone remember this:

He “rejects’ that it’s a tax increase?   He tells George he is wrong?  Mocks George for reading the definition of a tax!  Obama is arguing against it being a tax…. and now, in court, argues that it IS a tax!

Holy Puke!

Posted by: Scott Lee | May 22, 2010

Republican VT ad against Pat Leahy

We need more of this….

Posted by: Richard Lee | May 20, 2010

Memorial Day reminder from a Cemetery Watchman:

 I just wanted to get the day over with and go down to Smokey’s.  Sneaking a look at my watch, I saw the time, 1655.  Five minutes to go before the cemetery gates are closed for the day.  Full dress was hot in the August sun.  Oklahoma summertime was as bad as ever–the heat and humidity at the same level–both too high.

I saw the car pull into the drive, a ’69 or ’70 model Cadillac Deville, looked factory-new.  It pulled into the parking lot at a snail’s pace..  An old woman got out so slowly I thought she was paralyzed; she had a cane and a sheaf of flowers–about four or five bunches as best I could tell.

I couldn’t help myself.  The thought came unwanted, and left a slightly bitter taste: ‘She’s going to spend an hour, and for this old soldier, my hip hurts like hell and I’m ready to get out of here right now!’  But for this day, my duty was to assist anyone coming in.

Kevin would lock the ‘In’ gate and if I could hurry the old biddy along, we might make it to Smokey’s in time.

I broke post attention.  My hip made gritty noises when I took the first step and the pain went up a notch.   I must have made a real military sight: middle-aged man with a small pot gut and half a limp, in marine full-dress uniform, which had lost its razor crease about thirty minutes after I began the watch at the cemetery.

I stopped in front of her, halfway up the walk. She looked up at me with an old woman’s squint.

‘Ma’am, may I assist you in any way?’

She took long enough to answer.

‘Yes, son. Can you carry these flowers? I seem to be moving a tad slow these days.’

‘My pleasure, ma’am.’  Well, it wasn’t too much of a lie.

She looked again.  ‘Marine, where were you stationed?’

‘Vietnam, ma’am.. Ground-pounder. ’69 to ’71.’

She looked at me closer.  ‘Wounded in action, I see.  Well done, Marine.  I’ll be as quick as I can.’

I lied a little bigger:  ‘No hurry, ma’am.’

She smiled and winked at me.  ‘Son, I’m 85-years-old and I can tell a lie from a long way off..  Let’s get this done.  Might be the last time I can do this.  My name’s Joanne Wieserman, and I’ve a few Marines I’d like to see one more time.’

‘Yes, ma ‘am.  At your service.’

She headed for the World War I section, stopping at a stone.  She picked one of the flowers out of my arm and laid it on top of the stone.   She murmured something I couldn’t quite make out..  The name on the marble was Donald S. Davidson, USMC: France 1918.

She turned away and made a straight line for the World War II section, stopping at one stone.  I saw a tear slowly tracking its way down her cheek.  She put a bunch on a stone; the name was  Stephen X.Davidson, USMC, 1943.

She went up the row a ways and laid another bunch on a stone,  Stanley J. Wieserman, USMC, 1944.

She paused for a second.  ‘Two more, son, and we’ll be done’

I almost didn’t say anything, but,  ‘Yes, ma’am. Take your time.’

She looked confused..  ‘Where’s the Vietnam section, son?   I seem to have lost my way.’

I pointed with my chin. ‘That way, ma’am.’

‘Oh!’, she chuckled quietly.  ‘Son, me and old age ain’t too friendly.’

She headed down the walk I’d pointed at.  She stopped at a couple of stones before she found the ones she wanted.  She placed a bunch on Larry Wieserman, USMC, 1968, and the last on Darrel Wieserman, USMC, 1970.  She stood there and murmured a few words I still couldn’t make out.

‘OK, son, I’m finished.  Get me back to my car and you can go home.’

Yes, ma’am.  If I may ask, were those your kinfolk?’

She paused.  ‘Yes, Donald Davidson was my father,  Stephen was my uncle,  Stanley was my husband,  Larry and Darrel were our sons.  All killed in action, all Marines.’

She stopped.  Whether she had finished, or couldn’t finish, I don’t know.  She made her way to her car, slowly and painfully.   
I waited for a polite distance to come between us and then double-timed it over to Kevin, waiting by the car. 
Get to the ‘Out’ gate quick.. I have something I’ve got to do.’

Kevin started to say something, but saw the look I gave him.  He broke the rules to get us there down the service road.  We beat her.  She hadn’t made it around the rotunda yet.

‘Kevin, stand at attention next to the gatepost. Follow my lead.’  I humped it across the drive to the other post.

When the Cadillac came puttering around from the hedges and began the short straight traverse to the gate, I called in my best gunny’s voice: ‘TehenHut!  Present Haaaarms!’

I have to hand it to Kevin; he never blinked an eye– full dress attention and a salute that would make his DI proud.
She drove through that gate with two old worn-out soldiers giving her a send-off she deserved, for service rendered to her country, and for knowing duty, honor and sacrifice.

I am not sure, but I think I saw a salute returned from that Cadillac.

Instead of ‘The End,’ just think of ‘Taps.’

As a final thought on my part, let me share a favorite prayer: 
‘Lord, keep our servicemen and women safe, whether they serve at home or overseas.  Hold them in your loving hands and protect them as they protect us.’

Let’s all keep those currently serving and those who have gone before in our thoughts and Prayers.
  They are the reason for the many freedoms we enjoy today.

Sorry about your monitor; it made mine blurry too!
If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under!

Posted by: Scott Lee | May 13, 2010

Second Amendment Rally in Richmond

Here is my speech at the Second Amendment rally:

Posted by: Scott Lee | April 6, 2010

Thank Taxes?

What?  So two women (60% of women voted for Obama in VA) have nothing better to do then make a video about how grateful they are that we are taxed! Who does that?  Really,  who does their taxes and then sits around (eating Bon Bons) and says, “Look how great our tax dollars are being spent?”   Dare I say……Statists, Liberals, Big-government types…or those who don’t pay any taxes and get a handout from the government…perhaps?

First, so much to say, but the argument from the left is that the “radical right-wingers”, like Glenn Beck, protest ALL taxes.  We all agree that taxes are necessary, but the question has always been what taxes, what level, and what the tax dollars are being used to fund.  So, it’s a bit of a strawman argument to attack those protesting on April 15th against excessive taxes and claim they are anti-tax.  But it easier and gutless for the liberals to not think and just react (in liberal fashion!)

Secondly, these ladies are from Alexandria, VA (mainly government workers!)  Also, notice that most the things they like are not a Constitutional duty of the federal government! The premise of these two is simple: if the government doesn’t do it then it won’t get done!

Would we have bad food without the FDA? Would we have electricity without government and taxes?  Would your kids not learn without government-run indoctrination centers we call public schools? Could trash be picked up by a private company and paid for by others means than taxes?  Would we not have any road signs without taxes? No jogging trails…OH…the humanity!!

I think all of this is just bunk!  These women probably have no idea what they pay in taxes or even understand why people are upset over taxes…they actually think it is because we have to pay them at all!  Some of the best ideas for government revenue is found inside the conservative movement (cutting taxes raises for more revenue, fairtax, flat tax, etc.)

These women want to make April 15th a holiday! Puke!

Posted by: Scott Lee | April 5, 2010

Obama on being over-taxed

“We are over-taxed as it is,” Doris said bluntly.

Obama started out feisty. “Well, let’s talk about that, because this is an area where there’s been just a whole lot of misinformation, and I’m going to have to work hard over the next several months to clean up a lot of the misapprehensions that people have,” the president said.

He then spent the next 17 minutes and 12 seconds lulling the crowd into a daze. His discursive answer – more than 2,500 words long — wandered from topic to topic, including commentary on the deficit, pay-as-you-go rules passed by Congress, Congressional Budget Office reports on Medicare waste, COBRA coverage, the Recovery Act and Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (he referred to this last item by its inside-the-Beltway name, “F-Map”). He talked about the notion of eliminating foreign aid (not worth it, he said). He invoked Warren Buffett, earmarks and the payroll tax that funds Medicare (referring to it, in fluent Washington lingo, as “FICA”).

I’m not surprised that Obama struggled with this.  Deep down he knows he is going to have to raise taxes..BIG!  So, he has to come up with a come back to this obvious feeling and question about being over taxed!  Perhaps, he really thinks we are under-taxed, which would explain his 17-minute dribbling attempt to make normal, freedom-loving Americans think they should pay more.  Otherwise, he would simply say, “Yep, your over-taxed and I will try to let you keep more of your hard-earned money!”  But…he doesn”t believe that.

Liberals are so funny…they are never honest about their intentions!

Posted by: Scott Lee | April 5, 2010

The Easter Race

In case you missed our annual tradition on easter weekend…Click here!

Posted by: Scott Lee | April 1, 2010

Support the 2nd Amendment….

and all the others, but just focus right here for now:

Let’s roll!

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