“Three Little Pigs” not PC?

Fearing Muslims would be offended, a story based on the “The Three Little Pigs” was rejected by a government-funded British agency from consideration for an annual award.  From www.worldnetdaily.com

What do you think this country will look like in 10 to 20 years if we don’t stop this PC garbage?  Don’t think that this could only in Britain! If we don’t take a stand now for our very own distinct American culture and ask others to assimilate to it, we are going to be seeing stories like this in the USA! If the left gets their way, there will be PC police all over the country trying to stop us from doing all kinds of things under the idea that someone might be offended!  Be careful you don’t  say or promote anything that isn’t approved by CAIR, http://www.cair.com!

If your offended by three little pigs, you just might have bigger issues, just saying! Go get some help! If your religion says you can’t even read about them, you might want to do some more research.  Quite frankly, I don’t care if your offended!  I am quite sure you will be fine and be able to live a normal life.  I will not walk on “pins and needles” or be the least bit worried that I MIGHT be offending you!  I have bigger things to worry about…like the “big bad wolf” blowing my house down!

Now, I have got to go read a bedtime story to my daughter,its called the Three Little Pigs.

Pre-K cuts crime?


I really cant take it…this is why Richard and I have the barf bucket between us in the studio!  We hear this constantly: “Implement a big government liberal program because it will solve some other problem in society!”  If this were true, after all the liberal ideas we have implemented, we ought to be seeing refunds by now, poverty should be gone, Soviet Union would still exist, and Europe’s health care would have cured cancer!!

This article is rubbish, to say it kindly!  Liberal myths: Poverty causes crime, Education stops crime, Tax cuts for rich cause poverty, and Hillary would be a good President! 

Conservative truths:  Graduate from High School (preferably private school), Abstain from sex, avoid single parenthood, get married (1 male, 1 female), have children (raise to be God fearing, moral, and productive), work hard, and vote for tax cuts!  In other words, families prevent crime and poverty, not Pre-K or midnight basketball!  Moms and Dads living together, raising kids!  Shocking, isn’t it!

If poverty caused crime then the Great Depression would have be the biggest street fight in history!  But families were intact then!  Would you, if struck with poverty, give in to crime? Exactly! If you had no education, would you put all your efforts into mastering the art of crime or a career?  Why?  Because you were raised  to be God-fearing, moral, and productive.  And all that despite the massive liberalism of the last forty years!  Good for you!

God save the Commonwealth from Kaine!

Oh yeah, the other myths? Hillary would make an awful president and a rich man with a tax cut did not take money out of your pocket!  Listen to this on the web site:Jan_12th_Lee_Bros_answer_tax_question.mp3

Deeds on “gun loophole”


 And this guy almost became AG?  But, lucky us, he is running for Governor and so is Moran (talk radio dream).  We need to realize that guns dont kill people…….. people kill people!  To begin with, I challenge the idea that there is a “gun show loophole!”   If so, is there a Car show “loophole, Knife show “loophole”, Boat show “loophole”, or a classified ads “loophole?”  Is there an anti-loophole lobby?  Let me guess-liberals, right? I am not anti-loophole…..we need a campaign in support of “loopholes”. 

Loopholes”….the best hope against government regulation!

“Pro-Loophole.”  Get over it!

“Loopholes”……everyone is doing it!

“Loopholes”…….(insert line here)!

Stock Market and Economy

Thank God Nancy Pelosi is on the job or this could get really ugly!  Look, with big ups come some big downs, be optimistic!  This is the greatest country on earth and we will get through this time, but enough about global warming, back to the economy…….

Make tax cuts permament(why dont spending bills ever have sunset provisions!), eliminate, completely, captial gains taxes, cut corprate tax to 10%.  And for the long haul implement the Fairtax!!