Posted by: Scott Lee | January 23, 2008

Deeds on “gun loophole”

 And this guy almost became AG?  But, lucky us, he is running for Governor and so is Moran (talk radio dream).  We need to realize that guns dont kill people…….. people kill people!  To begin with, I challenge the idea that there is a “gun show loophole!”   If so, is there a Car show “loophole, Knife show “loophole”, Boat show “loophole”, or a classified ads “loophole?”  Is there an anti-loophole lobby?  Let me guess-liberals, right? I am not anti-loophole…..we need a campaign in support of “loopholes”. 

Loopholes”….the best hope against government regulation!

“Pro-Loophole.”  Get over it!

“Loopholes”……everyone is doing it!

“Loopholes”…….(insert line here)!

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