Posted by: Scott Lee | January 23, 2008

Pre-K cuts crime?

I really cant take it…this is why Richard and I have the barf bucket between us in the studio!  We hear this constantly: “Implement a big government liberal program because it will solve some other problem in society!”  If this were true, after all the liberal ideas we have implemented, we ought to be seeing refunds by now, poverty should be gone, Soviet Union would still exist, and Europe’s health care would have cured cancer!!

This article is rubbish, to say it kindly!  Liberal myths: Poverty causes crime, Education stops crime, Tax cuts for rich cause poverty, and Hillary would be a good President! 

Conservative truths:  Graduate from High School (preferably private school), Abstain from sex, avoid single parenthood, get married (1 male, 1 female), have children (raise to be God fearing, moral, and productive), work hard, and vote for tax cuts!  In other words, families prevent crime and poverty, not Pre-K or midnight basketball!  Moms and Dads living together, raising kids!  Shocking, isn’t it!

If poverty caused crime then the Great Depression would have be the biggest street fight in history!  But families were intact then!  Would you, if struck with poverty, give in to crime? Exactly! If you had no education, would you put all your efforts into mastering the art of crime or a career?  Why?  Because you were raised  to be God-fearing, moral, and productive.  And all that despite the massive liberalism of the last forty years!  Good for you!

God save the Commonwealth from Kaine!

Oh yeah, the other myths? Hillary would make an awful president and a rich man with a tax cut did not take money out of your pocket!  Listen to this on the web site:Jan_12th_Lee_Bros_answer_tax_question.mp3

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