Posted by: Scott Lee | February 3, 2008

Enviromental Film Festival

I can’t wait for this festival!  I would love to hang out with a bunch of people that hate capitalism, America, and SUV’s!  I have so much in common with people who would rather put a sweater on than have a real energy plan, would rather ride a bike than ride in a car, or vote for a McCain/Nader ticket!

Look, we all love the environment and want clean air and water but these people have really taken it to far.  Just look at the organizer of this event John Wade:

He’s a convicted felon who spent three years in federal prison in Petersburg for, among other things, conspiring with two friends from Douglas S. Freeman High School to vandalize SUVs, suburban homes, fast-food restaurants and construction vehicles in 2002. “I have attempted to stop the destruction of the environment with any tools available to me,” Wade says by e-mail when asked about his past. “For a short period of time I was involved in illegal activism, but I have always been more involved in radical legal activism.”

Wow, what a great American.  I wonder if he has seen Al Gore’s movie?  These people are mad/insane!  They consider the environment a god and mankind a threat, just by living! Look at their list of grievance’s:

Organizers hope to create awareness about specific issues such as overpopulation, pollution, deforestation, mountaintop removal mining, global warming and corporate profiteering.

Overpopulation?  What good is the earth if people aren’t around to enjoy it?  “Be Fruitful and Mulitply”..Opps! Not that much!  God probably knew what to expect, just saying! We don’t have a population problem, only a lack of capitalism problem!

Corporate profiteering?  What does this have to do with the environment?  Corporations shouldn’t make money?  I keep telling you that this movement is not about the environment as much as it is about Socialism, Communism, non-flushing toilets, no deodorant, and Al Gore!

 Islamofacists and ELF..which is the bigger threat to America?

I hate when I am right….Jan_19th_SUV_hatred.mp3

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