Posted by: Scott Lee | February 16, 2008

Global Poverty

 Obama bill: $845 billion more for global poverty

Liberals don’t have a clue on how to solve poverty.  The spent 4 trillion trying in this country and know they want our money to try to solve it in the entire world?  I am sure people all over this country think one of the biggest problems that we must tackle is the lack of foreign aid to other countries!

World poverty solution: Capitalism!  Liberal solution: More Socialism!

World Poverty solution: Export American Ideals  Liberal solution: Hate America!

America Poverty Solution: Graduate from School, Abstain from sex, get married, then have kids, stay married, work hard.

Liberals Poverty Solution:Tax the hard workers to give to the lazy and irresponsible, create programs that cause more irresponsibility(Condoms, Needles for Drugs, Welfare), create a voting, surf-class, and though more money at every problem (public schools).

 Opps! I forgot, Obama has “hope and change” on his side!

 Listen: Feb_16th_Obama’s_Sickness_to_cure_Global_

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