Posted by: Scott Lee | February 16, 2008

GM’S Lutz trashes Hybrids and Global Warming

Why am I smiling?  Because I just read the article at Frontburner talking about the GM Vice Chairman Lutz on Hybrids and Global Warming!

During a closed-door session with several journalists at the restaurant, Lutz declared that:

Hybrid cars like those made by Toyota “make no economic sense,” because their price will never come down, and diesel autos like those touted by Chrysler are also uneconomic. The only place in Europe that diesel-driven cars are big, he said, is where diesel fuel is half the cost of regular gasoline; in most places there, the costs are comparable and diesel has little market penetration.

Global warming is a “total crock of ****.” Then he added: “I’m a skeptic, not a denier. Having said that, my opinion doesn’t matter.”

I love it!  I wouldn’t have uses those words…but you have got to love it!  Too funny!

Listen: Dec_8th_A_Mulet_of_a_car.mp3


  1. The same people who think global warming is a crock will be the same people crying when their backyards become an extension of the Atlantic or Pacific ocean.

  2. Cold ,

    Oh when their gas costs double in a year’s time .OOOPS that happened last in 2008 my bad lol

  3. I hope the price of gas triples this year. It woke a lot of people up to the greed of the oil companies and the fact that we need to find an alternative to the noose the oil companies have around our necks.

    Supporting big oil also fills the pockets of nations that provide money to terrorists. If you like that then by all means continue to believe the Vice Chairman of GM (a man that couldn’t even save his own company and needed a bail-out to survive.)

  4. Love oil! It is amazingly cheap, efficient and extemely effective. It has resulted in a boom for economy and is the life blood of it!

    But we should never buy a single barrel again from other nations but we need it badly. Drill here..drill now. Funny, every other country is doing it…right off our coast and we have the radical nature-nazis holding us back. The rest of the world will just pass us by while you embrace your stupid GM Volt and pathetic Prius!

    I will enjoy my SUV, my boat, and all other power tools until your nazi government forces me to plug them in, turn down my thermostat, and use mercury-filled force! Side note: why are all earth-first treehuggers Socialists and Communists?


  5. Enjoy all your toys for as long as you can. Once they are all under water (except for the boat maybe) they won’t do you any good. We’ll never break from foreign oil anyway… too many Republican oilmen in bed with the Saudi’s

  6. Cold,

    You have a real bad habit of not addressing the things I mentioned.

    So, by your silence, I am going to assume you approve of government dictating my light bulbs, the car I drive, and everything else in my life that the earthers think is bad! I will also assume that you embrace the term nature-nazi and think it is necessary to “save the planet”! I will also assume that all of you nuts really are Marxists/Socialists/Statists!

    Republican oilmen? Are there any Democrat oilmen? Republican or Democrat…it does not matter..if they are against drilling here they should go!

    Why would an oilman (Republican or Democrat) be against drilling here?

  7. If the light bulbs give the same light why should it matter if they are made with less harmful materials.

    As for nature-nazi, Marxist/Socialist/Statist I’m none of those things but as long as there is Fox News I’m sure others who disagree with you will be labeled as such. So call me what you will.

    As for oilmen Republican or Democrat… like every other company in the U.S. they have outsourced the drilling which is better for their bottom line.

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