Posted by: Scott Lee | February 18, 2008

Jimmy Barrett’s Blue Ball Open

If you want to play in the Blue Ball Open there is still time!  The Lee Brother’s contest ends on Friday, Feb. 22nd.  I know Jimmy is regretting the fact that The Lee Brothers are storming the party, but he has allowed us to have two of our lucky listeners join us for this great event!

Simply write us an e-mail telling us why you are the one and we will choose the lucky or unlucky one, depending on your point of view, during our Saturday morning show.

Let’s play GOLF!   Write us at


  1. Sounds hilarious! By the way that’s a pretty awesome golf course. Fun for anyone involved

  2. If you want to play, tell us why by e-mailing us!
    Yes, it will be fun, and dangerous with Richard on the course!

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