Rich Liberals-Generous with your money!

  • Although liberal families’ incomes average 6 percent higher than those of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30 percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household ($1,600 per year vs. $1,227).
  • Conservatives also donate more time and give more blood.
  • Residents of the states that voted for John Kerry in 2004 gave smaller percentages of their incomes to charity than did residents of states that voted for George Bush.

I thought Liberals cared!  Their big, stupid, bleeding hearts only feel better when GOVERNMENT does the “giving”!  If that is even possible!

 More coming during our Saturday show!

Here is the show:  Mar_29th_Liberals_have_no_heart.mp3


We received this during one of our shows.  It could happen!!! 

Attention Mr’s. Lee and Lee,

 Please be advised that you have broken the following regulation(s):
1. The use of the word patriot or any derivative thereof is illegal.

2. You have made disparaging and disrespectful comments about a political leader. It is illegal to question or make any derogatory comments of ANY politician. 

 3. You have made insensitive comments about members of the most peaceful and respected religion on the face of the planet which is the only reason they might attack us. You are hereby ordered to moderate your comments and bring them into a more politically correct discourse. Please remain in your seats following the conclusion of your scheduled show. Two officers of the United Nations American police force will pick you up and transport you to the FEMA reeducation camp at an as yet undisclosed location. There you will:

A. Turn in the keys and title to your biosphere destroying S.U.V.’s
B. You will be assigned a national I.D. card and have a microchip R.F.I.D. implanted.
C. You will then attend re-assimilation classes until such time as 
your thought, words and actions are deemed appropriate to allow you to rejoin a tolerant, homogeneous world society.  Compliance is mandatory and cannot be appealed.

Your central east coast thought and speech monitor.

Kevin-in Price George

Thanks Kevin-Great e-mail.   Scott and Richard Lee

JTCC Professor

Another great example for our kids in college!

 These are quotes from David Head’s Political Science class at the Midlothian Campus of JTCC.  You be the judge!

“Oh Sh_t!”

“Deader than sh-t!”

“I’ll call you sh-t!”

“Bastards at the NRA!”

“Congress is way to white!”

“Bush’s little war in Iraq!”

“George W. Bush: Liar or Moron”


“….had sex with children-if you think that kind of thing is wrong!”

Money well spent at JTCC for your kids!!!

Listen here: Mar_15th_College_Professors_indoctrinate_at_JTCC.mp3

Muslim Public School?

Don’t act surprised!  Our tax dollars going to fund a religious school shouldn’t surprise you.  Actually, it should shock you only if it were a Christian school!  That would truly be unacceptable.  The ACLU would never let tax dollars be spent on a religious school…..or is that just “Christian” religious schools?

 Can you imagine a public school founded by two Christian ministers, and housed in the same building as a church? Add to that — in the same building — a prominent chapel. And let’s say the students are required to fast during Lent, and attend Bible studies right after school. All with your tax dollars.


Tax dollars are currently at work funding the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, a popular, rapidly growing K-8 charter school with campuses in Inver Grove Heights and Blaine, Minnesota.

 Tell me this isn’t so…….

And according to a 1992 Brotherhood memorandum about its strategy in the U.S., it is embarked upon a “grand Jihad” aimed at “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

 Lee Bro comments here:  Mar_15th_Muslium_School_with_your_tax_dollars.mp3

Toilet Paper Law

I know, government passes laws that should be toilet paper all the time.  But this one is really about toilet paper.  I thought this was a joke but I have learned never to under estimate the intellect of our politicians!

Proposed Law Looks to Wipe Out Problem

TALLAHASSEE ( ― A proposed law currently making its way through the Florida legislature might help you with what can be an embarrassing problem. Here’s the bottom line, the bill would be a mandate that all eating establishment must have enough toilet paper when you go into the restroom.

The only problem is the bill doesn’t dictate how much toilet paper is “enough.”

State Senator Victor Crist, a Republican from Tampa, felt the problem was so important, a law must be passed to protect the backsides of anyone in Florida. The measure will also try to regulate the cleanliness of restrooms in eating establishments.

Crist, says in the bill, restaurant inspectors, “should also check the restrooms along with the kitchens to make sure that basic cleanliness necessities are in place.”

The Senate Regulated Industries Committee approved the bill, SB 836, on Monday. It has two more stops to go and as long as it’s not wiped out before then, it could then go to the Senate floor. A similar measure is currently awaiting passage by the House.

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Bob Rayner is a Honorary Lee Brother

I wish I would have written this!  Pure brilliance and exactly right!  He, obviously, is a, misplaced at birth, Lee Brother! 

 Democrats Offer a Bleak Vision for the Country’s Future

After listening to the two Democratic presidential candidates for months, one thing seems utterly clear: The vast majority of Americans are a helpless and pathetic lot whose only hope lies in massive aid from an enlightened, compassionate, and really big federal government.

Americans have been victimized by rich people taking more than their fair share. We’ve been victimized by big corporations making obscene profits through the shameless exploitation of their customers and employees. We’ve been victimized by impoverished foreigners who steal jobs from Americans and are willing to do so with no regard for the environment — or even their own rights as workers.

We are a weak and clueless people: duped into war by a dishonest Republican president and robbed at the pump by rapacious oil companies. Our bodies and bank accounts are unhealthy because insurance companies refuse to insure us and drug companies charge outrageous prices for the little pills they make.

Homeowners, victimized by predatory lenders, need bailouts. Public schools are failing because they have not been fully funded by President Bush. The planet is choking to death because big business and its Republican pals just don’t care.

Democrats lower gas prices

Just in case your upset over high gas prices, the House last week solved your problem.  They are going to raise taxes 18 Billion on the largest oil companies!  Surely this will bring prices down!  If only these evil oil companies could just agree to give up all profits then our prices would be around $1.25 a gallon.  In fact, Congress should just take all the profits anyway!  When so many people are struggling to fill their tanks, why should Big Oil make any money?  Even I can sound like a Socialist Liberal! I feel dirty!

House OKs $18B in taxes on Big Oil

Listen to Richard and I argue about it here!

Bolling Aborts Planned Parenthood

It just makes you warm all over, doesn’t it!  Whether you like killing babies in the womb because they might be an inconvenience or protecting innocent life, you should agree that tax dollars shouldn’t go for either one of them.  Even though, I can make a strong case that tax dollars go to protecting life everyday, just saying!

We talked about it here with LG Bolling.


-Bolling casts deciding vote in prohibiting state funds for Planned Parenthood-

RICHMOND– Earlier today, the Senate of Virginia approved an amendment to the House budget bill that would prohibit the direction of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood.  The vote on the amendment, which was offered by Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-Fairfax), was 20-20 and Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling cast the deciding vote in support of the budget amendment.  In response to this action, Lieutenant Governor Bolling issued the following statement:

“I was pleased today to cast my first tie breaking vote of the 2008 legislative session in support of an amendment to prevent taxpayer funds from being directed to Planned Parenthood.  At a time when Governor Kaine has chosen to eliminate $250,000 in state funding for programs that teach abstinence education to young people across Virginia, we should not be using taxpayer dollars to fund an organization that uses those funds to provide abortions and abortion related services.”