Posted by: Scott Lee | March 2, 2008

Bob Rayner is a Honorary Lee Brother

I wish I would have written this!  Pure brilliance and exactly right!  He, obviously, is a, misplaced at birth, Lee Brother! 

 Democrats Offer a Bleak Vision for the Country’s Future

After listening to the two Democratic presidential candidates for months, one thing seems utterly clear: The vast majority of Americans are a helpless and pathetic lot whose only hope lies in massive aid from an enlightened, compassionate, and really big federal government.

Americans have been victimized by rich people taking more than their fair share. We’ve been victimized by big corporations making obscene profits through the shameless exploitation of their customers and employees. We’ve been victimized by impoverished foreigners who steal jobs from Americans and are willing to do so with no regard for the environment — or even their own rights as workers.

We are a weak and clueless people: duped into war by a dishonest Republican president and robbed at the pump by rapacious oil companies. Our bodies and bank accounts are unhealthy because insurance companies refuse to insure us and drug companies charge outrageous prices for the little pills they make.

Homeowners, victimized by predatory lenders, need bailouts. Public schools are failing because they have not been fully funded by President Bush. The planet is choking to death because big business and its Republican pals just don’t care.

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