Posted by: Scott Lee | March 2, 2008

Democrats lower gas prices

Just in case your upset over high gas prices, the House last week solved your problem.  They are going to raise taxes 18 Billion on the largest oil companies!  Surely this will bring prices down!  If only these evil oil companies could just agree to give up all profits then our prices would be around $1.25 a gallon.  In fact, Congress should just take all the profits anyway!  When so many people are struggling to fill their tanks, why should Big Oil make any money?  Even I can sound like a Socialist Liberal! I feel dirty!

House OKs $18B in taxes on Big Oil

Listen to Richard and I argue about it here!


  1. Nobody ever accused Democrat legislators of being intelligent. Well — except other Dem legilators.

    More good news: not only will she raise their taxes, Hillary also wants to force oil companies to invest in alternatives. That’ll drop prices FOR SURE!

  2. r2
    Thanks for the comments. I hoping for higher taxes and alternatives to lower gas prices.


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