Posted by: Scott Lee | March 21, 2008


We received this during one of our shows.  It could happen!!! 

Attention Mr’s. Lee and Lee,

 Please be advised that you have broken the following regulation(s):
1. The use of the word patriot or any derivative thereof is illegal.

2. You have made disparaging and disrespectful comments about a political leader. It is illegal to question or make any derogatory comments of ANY politician. 

 3. You have made insensitive comments about members of the most peaceful and respected religion on the face of the planet which is the only reason they might attack us. You are hereby ordered to moderate your comments and bring them into a more politically correct discourse. Please remain in your seats following the conclusion of your scheduled show. Two officers of the United Nations American police force will pick you up and transport you to the FEMA reeducation camp at an as yet undisclosed location. There you will:

A. Turn in the keys and title to your biosphere destroying S.U.V.’s
B. You will be assigned a national I.D. card and have a microchip R.F.I.D. implanted.
C. You will then attend re-assimilation classes until such time as 
your thought, words and actions are deemed appropriate to allow you to rejoin a tolerant, homogeneous world society.  Compliance is mandatory and cannot be appealed.

Your central east coast thought and speech monitor.

Kevin-in Price George

Thanks Kevin-Great e-mail.   Scott and Richard Lee


  1. Keep up the good work. We need more people willing to cast the PC Police aside and speak the truth.

  2. Thanks> As long as we have listeners like you, we will always be there!

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