April 26th Radio Show

Too much for only two hours!

Random possible topics:

  • Say good-bye to virtual fence (I could have told you that!)
  • Mexican Ambassador steals phones from White House staff
  • The best fast food place?
  • Obama’s Pastor finally speaks
  • McCain endorses tax cuts(do we still have to “pay” for them?)
  • Tax Freedom day: What is it?
  • Muslim chaplains in military my have been put there by a real Islomofacists!
  • US offers guidelines for how to describe terrorists (apparently I shouldn’t use that word)

And much, much more!  Join us from 6-8 every Sat. on 1140 WRVA!

The Lee Brothers

April 19th Radio Program

Hope you tune in to WRVA at 6am: Sleep is Over Rated!

Here is what is slated:

  • Delegate Jeff Frederick is running for RPV Chairman.  We will ask him why!
  • Earth Day is tomorrow-Oh goody!
  • Democrat Debate highlights
  • The movie Expelled open today.  What is it really about?
  • Chesterfield says they have to deal with cuts because the County cut the millage rate-Are there really cuts?

Thanks for listening and Godspeed from the Lee Brothers!

    Random Comments

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     I would like to mention a great idea by Scott Truitt called Gratitude Campaign.  It is a great way to say thanks to our brave troops.  Go to the web site at www.gratitudecampaign.org and have a look or listen to it on our show at:


    Radio Show

    Separated at birth…..Delegate Bill Janis swears he is a Lee Brother!  We will find out this Saturday, April 5th!  Delegate Janis will be filling in for me, Scott Lee!  (Of course, to Richard’s delight!)

     Tune in from 6-8 am on 1140 WRVA and see if he can live up to his “Honorary Lee Brother” status!