Posted by: Scott Lee | May 11, 2008

Glenn Nye-Candidate for Congress

Do these people have anything new?  Any new ideas?   Thelma Drake should not have to worry about this race.  Look at this guys petition for lower gas prices:

One would imagine that while Americans are being asked to pay $4 a gallon for gas and the high cost of fuel is hurting our economy in every sector, that the oil companies might need the 42.6 BILLION in our tax dollars Congress has given them.

Wow!  This is very telling, isn’t it!  Congress gives them money?  Or lets them keep what they have earned? Every once in a while the truth is seen!  These people, democrats and liberals, always think it is there money!

If Glenn Nye was able to take all the profits what would the price of gas be per gallon?  ZERO!  There wouldn’t be any gas! Who would bring gas to the market for no profit?  Does anyone, other than a bunch of democrats, think that taking once cent from the oil companies really will help to lower costs?  Of course not!  But it is just to easy, gutless and tempting for liberals to appeal to the emotion in everyone and attack those evil oil companies.  All for the mighty vote!  So cheap!

Side note: Check your portfolios.  Any oil stock?  I thought so!

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