Posted by: Scott Lee | May 11, 2008

Jesus BANNED in America

What is happening to our country!  Is it the expansion of freedom or the limiting of it when we ask people not to pray in the name of Jesus?  Like I have always said, my position has been consistent with the beliefs of this country since the founding of it, but the radical secular left (many in the Democrat party today) look at me and the traditionalists and say we are way right!  We never moved!  I have been standing right here since the beginning!

Now, this is a different America thanks to the ACLU!  Winston Salem City Council will not allow pastors to pray before their meetings…if they pray in Jesus name!  Such freedom!  I am sure that is someone stubbed their toe on a chair and screamed, “Jesus Christ”, the ACLU would allow that!  Only if Jesus is cussed will they allow his name in a public building!

Here is a great opinion piece on this issue!

How far have we come and how much further will we fall?

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