Posted by: Scott Lee | May 11, 2008

Mark Warner

 “We’ve got a model here in Virginia. You start with showing you can slow spending, you then move to replenish and then there are certain highest-end Bush tax cuts that should be allowed to expire, but you’ve got to earn people’s trust first.”  Mark Warner

Yep, good model!  Lie about cutting things, lie about the need for tax increases, lie during election….model?…..lying!  This isn’t new! 

Warner needs to speak to the issues of the day:

1) Will you support another tax increase in VA for transportation?

2) What, specifically, tax cuts by Bush are not fair and should be allowed to expire?

3) Senator Obama supports an increase in the payroll tax, do you?

4) Obama wants to raise the capital gains tax back to 30%, do you?

5) Clinton wants to garnish wages to provide universal health care, do you?

6) Clinton wants to grant legal status to all illegal aliens, do you?



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