Posted by: Scott Lee | May 12, 2008

Thomas Jefferson and 1st Amendment

A caller today said that it was unconstitutional to say Jesus name at a prayer in front of a city council or a county board meeting.  I challenged him with Thomas Jefferson’s own actions.  I asked him if he thought Jefferson was wrong for using federal monies to send out missionaries to the Indians.  He was, obviously, unfamiliar with that issue.

I want to layout the facts here:

1) Original Intent goes into great detail of this entire point on page 207.  Written by David Baton.

2) D. James Kennedy spoke about it here.

3) Excellent points here.

4) David Barton here.

My entire point does not rest on Thomas Jefferson.  Even if Jefferson didn’t do these things, the Constitution is clear.  There is no breach when a pastor prayers before a city council or county board in Jesus name and it is silly to say so!


  1. […] Saturday, May 17, Family Foundation of Virginia President Victoria Cobb was interviewed by Scott and Richard Lee on their highly rated Richmond talk show, “Saturday Mornings With The Lee Brothers” […]

  2. […] Scalia made plain his view of the case, strongly suggesting that he sees no problem with the cross at all.  At least, one on the court has some common sense!  He is in the mold of Thomas Jefferson….evidence here! […]

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