Government owned oil companies

Congressman Maxine Waters (yes, Congressman! I know she is a women! Congressman is a generic term, not gender specific. Congresswomen sounds stupid, just like gentlewoman (which isn’t a word)) is proud to be a liberal and a socialist

Guess what this liberal will be all about……socialism….basically…taken over…all your companies!”

Does this scare anyone else?  Who do these people think they are?  How is it that this insane women is in Congress?  What morons would elect her?  Is this the Democrat party today?  Is this the energy policy that will lower gas prices?  Where is my barf bucket? 

Too many questions….my head hurts!

But really, it doesn’t have any impact on me.  I hope that they take over those evil oil companies.  It won’t bother me.  (Do you think Congress will ever come after me or my company for making too much money (other than the tax code)…….no, they just don’t like high gas prices! No worries!)

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