Posted by: Scott Lee | May 30, 2008

Warner/Liberman “near-crippling” cap and trade regulations

Words are amazing things!  The debate can be won or lost on just the title or how it is phrased!  Liberals are masters at this.  Appealing to the big, stupid, bleeding hearts of the world, they come up with things like: “health care for everyone”, raise minimum wage, ACLU, NEA, VEA, “Kids First”, more money for schools, “invest” in America or Virginia roads, “climate change”, America sucks, America racists, America is evil, Bush is evil, America is racists….okay…I got carried away.  What about Cap and Trade?  First, to the normal, hard working American the name means nothing.  In reality, like most liberal big government bills, this title hides the real story.  I guess calling the bill “Cap your freedom and income” or “Trading your freedom and money for regulation” or “Destroy capitalism for global warming” or “Capped income and Trade your lifestyle” won’t work!

This is one example of the massive regulation coming with this stupid bill: here.

And a great article here.  And more information go to

Speaking of perfect liberal phrases, Kaine has the best way to describe Illegal aliens.  This one is right up there with “health care for everyone”!

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