Gitmo terrorists get rights under constitution

We are such a caring people! These guys in Gitmo really could be innocent and not the terrorists that we think they are.  It really doesn’t matter that we picked them up on the battle field fighting us, the good guys, in case you have a hard time figuring that out now days!  I guess we should ignore the fact that when these “choir boys” are released from Gitmo they go right back to trying to kill us, the good guys, again!  Or we should ignore the fact that we treat them better than our our civilian criminals. This excerpt from a new book by Kyndra Rotunda says it all:

Here you can listen to an old interview we did with Richard Miniter on the amazing things happening at Gitmo.  We keep playing by these stupid PC rules, we will lose!

One solution: we no longer take prisoners in this war!  When we catch them, we should interrogate them on the spot and then……..I guess……dare I say……have a little trial on the battle field and administer justice!


One thought on “Gitmo terrorists get rights under constitution

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