Love, Happiness and Higher Taxes

These three concepts should not be in the same title!  But what do you expect from Richmond’s “alternative” news publication!  It is definitely an “alternative” view that states “higher taxes had a positive effect on the economy, on private investment, on productivity and job creation!”

We dissected this on our radio program today (check archives later) but I will grant for the case of this article that the premise is correct, tax increase can be positive.  But I would never make the argument for lower taxes on growth or that they have any other economic impact.   Obviously, lower taxes impact the economy in many great and positive ways. But the main argument for lower taxes is MORAL!  

The idea for lower taxes is surrounded by a complete philosophy that says we have a right to keep our money.  It is ours, we worked for it.  It is this idea that government can do it better that is dangerous!  It is morally right to “allow” the worker to keep more of is money no matter what the government can claim it can do with it.  The argument for tax cuts and lower taxes is based on the moral obligation of government to protect the rights given to us by our Creator, that of liberty and freedom.  It is the epitome of freedom and liberty to allow the worker to keep their own money, period! 

This article proposes the ideas that are morally repugnant and a threat to freedom and liberty.  With Mark Warner’s comments, “The thing that constantly amazes me about the opposition is: If you look at the lowest tax states in the country, they are not the states with the fastest-growing economy, they are not the states with the best schools. They are not the states that have the most jobs or the lowest unemployment rate”,  it should be blatantly obvious which side we find Mark Warner!

This is a moral issue, not economical!

$117,000 for what?

Really, what is $117,000 in a 77 Billion dollar budget?  But no one cares and the Governor certianly spends rececklessly and blames the taxpayer for a transportation problem! The con he called a “special session” for transportation was DOA, yet he wanted Obama to see he that he isn’t afraid to fight for his (opps, your) money!  I don’t know about you but I am impressed!

What is this?  Del. Joseph D.(if you can’t join’em, beat’em up) Morrissey said, “Everyone was worried about [campaign] brochures,” he said. “If every delegate was to retire from the House [after the special session] we would have a wonderful mechanism, a transportation bill, which I promise you would include a gas tax.”

I am very slow, but lets see if I can make sense of this…the bad, evil, anti-tax conservatives said no to tax increases because they have to be re-elected and its really not their ideology or what the people want, it is just political?   The liberal mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Moran and Deeds Debate Gas Tax Increase

Actually, it should read “Moran and Deeds debate to see who is the biggest tax raiser!”

I love this, Democrats arguing about which one had the better “tax hike” idea!  Should I be surprised that they are appealing to their constituents?  I guess it would be a cold day in Hell if they were debating which one is the biggest tax cutter.  It won’t matter which one of these yahoos get the Dem nomination for Governor, McDonnell will kick their teeth out!

Vice Presidential Choices

Human Events has a list of a few VP choices.  I like this one:

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine: The logical choice is a moderate Southern governor, and Kaine is the only one who fits that description. His negatives are multiple: only been governor for two and one-half years, with few accomplishments; an absolutely zero profile nationally with low charisma to match; hard to imagine him as President of the United States. But he’s popular in Virginia, which hasn’t been carried by a Democrat for president since ’64, but would be possible with Kaine on the ballot.

Moderate?  By who’s definition?

Few accomplishments?  Give some credit, he tried to raise taxes multiple times!

Low charisma?  I can’t help but to smile a little on this one!

Hard to imagine?  Absolutely, but a perfect match for Obama! 

Popular in VA?  Try notorious!

House spikes gas tax, then defeats Saslaw’s bill

Maybe there is hope!  Maybe there is common sense in Richmond!  Maybe we will get some cuts in government! Maybe they will cut taxes!  Maybe the will be a real leader for President! Maybe Planned Parenthood will be defunded!  Maybe they will implement real school choice! Maybe….Maybe…I’m losing my mind!  Maybe I am dreaming!

(While I am dreaming!) Yeah, maybe The Lee Brothers will fill in for Rush!

Obama’s comments on English

In case you missed Tim Kaine’s hero, here are his comments about Spanish and English:

Barack Obama: Your Children Should Learn To Speak Spanish

Enough said!  Isn’t there anyone who is willing to take a stand for a distinct American culture! This makes me sick but I am not surprised.

I don’t know why but this reminds me of Tim Kaine calling Illegal Aliens “New Americans”.  I guess Obama and Kaine are two peas from the same pod!