Posted by: Scott Lee | July 9, 2008

Vice Presidential Choices

Human Events has a list of a few VP choices.  I like this one:

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine: The logical choice is a moderate Southern governor, and Kaine is the only one who fits that description. His negatives are multiple: only been governor for two and one-half years, with few accomplishments; an absolutely zero profile nationally with low charisma to match; hard to imagine him as President of the United States. But he’s popular in Virginia, which hasn’t been carried by a Democrat for president since ’64, but would be possible with Kaine on the ballot.

Moderate?  By who’s definition?

Few accomplishments?  Give some credit, he tried to raise taxes multiple times!

Low charisma?  I can’t help but to smile a little on this one!

Hard to imagine?  Absolutely, but a perfect match for Obama! 

Popular in VA?  Try notorious!

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