Posted by: Scott Lee | July 12, 2008

$117,000 for what?

Really, what is $117,000 in a 77 Billion dollar budget?  But no one cares and the Governor certianly spends rececklessly and blames the taxpayer for a transportation problem! The con he called a “special session” for transportation was DOA, yet he wanted Obama to see he that he isn’t afraid to fight for his (opps, your) money!  I don’t know about you but I am impressed!

What is this?  Del. Joseph D.(if you can’t join’em, beat’em up) Morrissey said, “Everyone was worried about [campaign] brochures,” he said. “If every delegate was to retire from the House [after the special session] we would have a wonderful mechanism, a transportation bill, which I promise you would include a gas tax.”

I am very slow, but lets see if I can make sense of this…the bad, evil, anti-tax conservatives said no to tax increases because they have to be re-elected and its really not their ideology or what the people want, it is just political?   The liberal mind is a terrible thing to waste!

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