He really is Lord Obama

Obama solved every problem under the sun in less than an hour!  Maybe he really is a god, the Lord Obama.  Only a god could make all those promises with a straight face. ( I literally burst out laughing about four times on the absurdity and audacity of his comments.)  But this “god” had government as the driving force behind every bit of it. This is womb to the tomb government and it proves that at least 80,000 people have truly embraced socialism.  This is a perfect example of the kind of America Democrats and Barrack see:

As a reminder, the government that can give you everything has the power to take it all away.  Obama sounded good but it really means less freedom for you and me!

More later…..

Democrats divide America

Florida Democrats made a concerted effort to present a diverse delegation.

The 2008 version is made up of 49 percent males and 51 percent females.

Sixty-seven percent are Caucasian; 23 percent African-American and 9 percent Hispanic with small numbers of Pacific islanders and American Indians included.

Nine percent are identified as disabled, 9 percent as gay and 10 percent are veterans.

Diversity for diversity sake.   Do the Republicans divide Americans by hyphens?  What kind of party makes sure that only certain number of people from each demographic are at their convention?  Who puts focus on race?   9 percent gay?  What about transgender?

These people are insane!  Just insane!

I am sure that we did a show on that but I can’t find it!

Disarming America

A video the Barack campaign produced last year to solicit the endorsement of an Iowa-based advocacy group has generated more than 3 million page views on YouTube, fueled by chain e-mails claiming the clip is evidence the presumptive Democratic nominee intends to disarm the U.S..

This is scary!  Democrats do not have a problem spending money on AIDS in Africa, abortions, welfare, retirement, world poverty, and everything else the Constitution forbids!  But the one thing the government is supposed to do, provide for national defense, the Democrats object. 

Obama’s “protect America” quotes: (Click link for video)

“Cut investments in missle defense systems”

“I will not weaponize space”

“I will slow development of future combat systems”

“Goal of a world without nuclear weapons”

“Will not develop new nuclear weapons”

“Global ban on missle materials”

“Negotiate with Russia to take ICBM off alert”

“Deep cuts in nuclear arsenals”

That’s got to make you feel more protected!  This is not the Barrack I knew!  This was during the primaries, so maybe he has changed his mind!  But he did leave us with this:“I don’t make promises that cant be kept”

Democrats: “We just don’t hate America, we want to disarm it!”


The Party of Death

At the Democrat Convention last night, under the disguise of Choice:


Nancy Keenan acknowledged religion among Democrats. But she said the right to abort a pregnancy is one of the party’s “core moral values.”

Killing babies is a “core value”?  Keenan said that we should promote contraception because that would limit abortions.  Why limit abortions?  Why not let abortion be a contraceptive if there is nothing wrong with it.  The baby is just a blob, right?  A mass, like a tumor. A problem, an inconvenience.  Why limit abortions if it a “core moral value!”  (Side note: How can a blob or tumor be accidentally born alive?? And then be thrown in a soiled closet to die??  Strange.)  We love to lie to ourselves, it makes us feel better!

Obamacide: When a baby is born alive during an abortion attempt, it is perfectly fine to throw it in the trash and let it die!  When you have the opportunity to protect that life you vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Mark R. Warner will emphasize bipartisan cooperation

Tonight, in the biggest speech of his life, former Gov. Mark R. Warner says he will emphasize the bipartisan cooperation that showed Virginians that government can work.

PLEASE!!  I am so sick of this “bipartisan” junk!  There was nothing bipartisan about the largest tax increase in VA history!  Can someone, please, give me one name that voted for it that was NOT a liberal tax and spender!  Chichester was and is a LIBERAL!  The State Senate is full of liberals, Republican and Democrat.

Who wants bipartisanship? Mark Warner didnt’ show how government can work, he showed how government can come together to rob the citizenry!  Who wants that?  If that what it means, I DON”T WANT GOVERNMENT TO WORK!  I want government to do nothing but get out of my way!

But to Warner, Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Democrat Party, government is good and the only reason it is bad is because they aren’t running it.  That is why they still think Socialism works even though it has failed everywhere it is tried.  In their warped minds, they can make it work and the only reason it failed was because it was run by the wrong people.

Warner is nothing more than a big government liberal that thinks he figured out how to make government work!  If you think that means more freedom, then vote Obama.   Pass the barf bucket!

ACLU sues to stop ‘religious messages’ at meetings

ACLU is part of the Democrat party, I think??  Once again, thanks to the ACLU for expanding freedom by limiting it! 

“I think this is really where you pull the cover off and see what you’re really looking at with the ACLU,” Shackelford told OneNewsNow. “This is religious bigotry; it’s anti-free speech; it’s everything that they’re supposed to be against.”

“The government really has no business telling anybody how they should or should not pray,” Shackelford said. “And the fact that the ACLU is trying to use the power of government to tell people how to pray is just an incredible invasion of freedom, and (it) shows that they are not about freedom and liberty at all. They’re about oppression and trying to stamp out religious speech.”

Well said! Well said!

Democrats open faith-filled convention with prayer

Oh, this is great….this from the people who have done more to damage the history of our Judeo-Christian culture than any one individual.  The below items are a direct result of the whacked left and their allies in the Democrat party:

Prayer according to governement dictates

No God at graduation ceremonies

No “Jesus name” in county meetings

Outrage over a marine in Iraq

This party is so politically correct that it should be hilarious watching them trip all over themselves trying not put too much emphasis on one religion over another.  Here we go:

At the first official event Sunday of the Democratic National Convention, a choir belted out a gospel song and was followed by a rabbi reciting a Torah reading about forgiveness and the future.Helen Prejean, the Catholic nun who wrote “Dead Man Walking,” assailed the death penalty and the use of torture.Young Muslim women in headscarves sat near older African-American women in their finest Sunday hats.

Okay, that covers the Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews! Did they forget anyone? I guess they don’t care to get the votes of the other religions!  This is a joke because it is not genuine!   It has nothing to do with actually seeking the Face of God, praying for wisdom, guidance or Divine grace!  They don’t do it because it is about who they are or because it is the right thing to do!  They do it for one reason.  So why do they do it?  Well, let’s see:

One hallmark of Democratic faith efforts at the convention is diversity, which might soften objections from party activists wary of the Christian right or any mixing of religion and politics. Behind the scenes, efforts to attract the religious vote will concentrate largely on Christian “values voters.””If we create or become a mirror image of the religious right, we have failed,” said Burns Strider, who ran religious outreach for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and now does faith-based political consulting. “But if we have increased the number of chairs around the table, … then we’ve succeeded.”

It all about gettting votes!  Shock me!  Oh,  this is good, the “hallmark is diversity”?  This poor party, diversity for diversity sake!  These people value diversity over freedom!

In fact, you can’t even call it prayer: “There will be four “faith caucus” meetings, blessings to open and close each night…”    Blessings?  Maybe that is the new PC ways to cover all religions.

This party is scared to death of religious people and they don’t even know why it is so important to real America and real people.  It makes me want to sneak up behind Obama and say…BOO!

Besides Obama brand of Chrisitanity is very racist, dare I remind you of Rev. Wright!

Phantom Cuts

A lie repeated enough times will eventually become the truth to the uniformed public.  This is exactly the case with the massive “cuts” that Mark Warner was forced to make.   The editorial in the TD set me off on this topic! 

Six years ago, Virginia faced a budget shortfall. Painful cuts ensued.  Painful for who?  Government?  But there were no cuts, only decreases in the increase, resulting in net spending increase!  They way Warner talks and some in the media, Warner cut real spending!  Not true,  every budget proposed by Warner INCREASED, huge!  Kaine is the same way.  In 10 years, we have exploded the spending in VA! 

Cuts? Sorry, it sounds good but no such luck, they are just phantom!  They exist only in the mind of liberals!

Harassing e-mails from the Obama campaign

According to an e-mail we recieved, Obama’s text message idea is expensive and a pain in the rear!

When it was announced that the Senator would announce his VP selection by text message, I
signed up.  Only after doing so did I realize that I was also signing up for a continuous
string of campaign messages.  I have been receiving about 10 text messages each day from
the Obama Campaign.

I have repeatedly requested, and then demanded that the messages be terminated but to no
avail.  I did receive a response from a Haley Van Dyck (
apologizing for my difficulties and promising that the messages would stop immediately. 
That was about 30 messages ago.

The official web site http://www.barackobama.com suggests a link to
http://www.barackobama.com/unsubscribe, however a browser request for that page results in a
message saying the page doesn’t exist.

Finally, you gotta love this.  A call to a toll free number listed on the site results in
a recorded message reminding me that it is after hours. It refers me to the web site, and
says I may leave a message.  When I attempt to do so, it tells me that the mailbox cannot
accept messages because it is full.  “Press 0 for further assistance”.  Pressing 0
results in the following message: “you have selected an invalid option…. Press 0 for
further assistance”.

I’m sure that I won’t ever see any money, but I have demanded that the campaign pay me at
the rate of 10cents for each text that I have received. (that’s the going rate if you
don’t have an unlimited plan).  The senator currently owes me about $14.00, and I have
demanded immediate payment. 😉

As I said in the beginning, hopefully one of you fine radio hosts will decide to follow
up and challenge the Obama Camp to do the right thing.

Yes, it’s a little thing, and I’m just a little guy, but doesn’t the Senator claim to be
looking out for the little guy? or is he just looking out for my tax dollars?

Jay Brown
Richmond, Va.

Isn’t that great!  I have to laugh a little…Richard signed up for the same thing!  Jay makes a great point, text messages are not free! 

What do you think?  Should the Obama campaign pay up?  Obama will probably try to find a way to blame the rich cell phone companies and call their profits obscene!

Saturday Mornings with The Lee Brothers

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  • Who is Obama’s pick for VP? 
  • Haislip, drunk driving teen, is being sued for 10 million: good idea or bad?
  • Chesterfield County fair
  • Lt Gov. Bill Bolling on VP picks and the McCain campaign
  • McCain’s new Spanish ad
  • and much, much more!

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Public schools are “safe havens”

Public schools are succeeding every day with students like these — in ways that go beyond academic achievement — by offering not only a free and appropriate public education, but also a safe haven.

I can not get over the audacity (to still a phrase) of the VEA to call public education a “safe haven.”  They should read about this:

Student killed in shooting at Tenn. school Students in the cafeteria began crying and scrambling to leave, while others tried to get in the room, thinking they had missed a fight, witnesses said. Students began to gather around the victim, said freshman Jared Wohlford, 14. “Everybody started running out real fast saying, ‘He got shot,’ ” he said.


Haislip faces suit in fatal Short Pump crash

Haislip went to jail, served time and now is met with a large civil lawsuit.  Is this good for America?

Here are a few little things I noticed (I recognize that most people can read this and notice nothing.  Count your blessings.  It is a curse and I can’t help it.):

  1. No way did Haislip serve enough time in jail.  Punishment did not fit the crime.
  2. Should civil lawsuits be allowed in a case were there was jail time and punishment?  I am not pretending to know the answer here.
  3. The suit seeks $10 million in compensatory damages and an additional $350,000 in punitive damages.  Why not more, is that all his life was worth?
  4. Haislip doesn’t have 10 million. She will never pay it, the insurance company will!  Again, then why the suit?  It won’t punish Haislip!
  5. Will the suit bring back their son?
  6. What dog-sucking lawyer talked them into this?
  7. What does this do to premiums for auto insurance for the average driver? They go way up!
  8. Is this suit really about punishment or money?

Is this too harsh?  More on Saturday Morning’s with The Lee Brothers on 1140 WRVA!

Obama in Martinsville

“I don’t say every job is going to come back to Martinsville if I’m elected president, but I can say I’m going to wake up every day thinking about you.”

That should make you feel better!  Just the fact that Obama is “thinking of Martinsville” everyday means he cares.  Forget that his stupid policies would make this economy worst, what matters is he is thinking of me!  Pure emotion, just big bleeding heart dribble! 

Politics today-appealing to the least of us: the downtrodden, the poor, the hungry, the disenfranchised, the homeless, the gay, the “undocumented workers” (new Americans), the criminals, the jobless, the godless, the hairless, the ugly….yada….yada……yada!  No politician caters to the hard working, God-fearing, homeowners, successful, taxpayers, sacrificers, savers, investors, entrepreneurs, risk takers, employers, married, families (man, women, children), earlier risers, churchgoers, pro-Americans!  What about us?  Without these people there would be no country!  But we have no advocates in Washington, only those who think we are the problem!

We are so screwed up!

Who is Obama?

Someone who cares about you and your family! (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!) No, really, this is more like it:

Obama, for example, for the first time has acknowledged that the mysterious “Frank” in his 1995 autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” is in fact Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis, who during the height of the Cold War was investigated by both the FBI and Congress as a pawn of Moscow.

Communist Party?  Is the picture coming together for you? Demonizing profits, the successful, captialism, and America is in his inner-core:

In arguing for a heavier mix of government, he assumes that capitalism unfairly favors the rich, almost exclusively so, and fails to spread prosperity. “The rich in America have little to complain about,” he carps. “The distribution of wealth is skewed, and levels of inequality are now higher than at any time since the Gilded Age.”

Obama’s entire background is found on socialism, communism, and racism.  He is a product of that environment:

After college, where he palled around with Marxist professors and took in socialist conferences “for inspiration,” Obama followed in Davis’ footsteps, becoming a “community organizer” in Chicago.

His boss there was Gerald Kellman, whose identity Obama also tries to hide in his book. Turns out Kellman’s a disciple of the late Saul “The Red” Alinsky, a hard-boiled Chicago socialist who wrote the “Rules for Radicals” and agitated for social revolution in America.

What about inherent racism:

In fact, Obama’s own words appear to support the claim. On Page 171 of “Dreams,” Obama flies into a fit over chronic black poverty in Chicago’s South Side, blaming whites who took flight to the crime-free suburbs and took jobs with them. He’s overcome by the same black rage Davis radiated in his Waikiki bungalow years earlier.

Obama took to heart Davis’ advice to “keep your eyes open” to signs of institutional racism. He became race-conscious like never before. He admits he never “let it go,” even when he could see that overt racism was a thing of the past.

Also, see OBAMA EXPOSED.  At an incredible risk of sounding like my brother, Richard, unfortunately Obama will probably be our next President.  (yep, I did throw up in my mouth!)