Posted by: Scott Lee | August 7, 2008

Obama’s Muslim-Outreach adviser resigns

Shock me!  This is obviously not the guy that Obama knew!  Okay, this guy has some shady connections and some shady friends…so what……just a right-wing conspiracy.  So I will save my comments for later, but I will say this:

MUSLIM-OUTREACH ADVISER???????? Do all politicians have specific ethnic, tribal, color, location, state, county advisers?  Does Obama have an adviser for every group?  Will we someday hear about how the adviser to bald people quit because he went to visit the “Hair Club for Men?”  Am I the only one that wonders why we need a specific Muslim-outreach adviser?  Do Muslims have to be catered to in a special way?  Do they have different issues then the rest of the hyphenated-Americans?  I mean, doesn’t Obama’s call to soak the rich appeal to them also?

UPDATE: Listen to us here.

If he doesn’t have all the other advisers than he is discriminating against….well…..everyone else:

(Fill in the blank)-Americans

(Jewish)(Christian)(Chinese)(Mexican)(gay)(short)(Fat)(Ugly)(Bald)(SUV Driving)(talk show host)

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