Posted by: Scott Lee | August 12, 2008

Corporations pay no US taxes

They shouldn’t anyway!  Corporations can’t vote, they can’t march, they can’t protest! Why should they pay taxes!  When corporations don’t pay taxes it means one thing, lower priced goods and services for me!  And common sense tells you corporations never pay taxes, they simply collect them and pass them on to….you!

See report here!

I am sure someone will argue that they are being hurt when a corporation doesn’t pay taxes.  But one doesn’t have anything to do with the other!  Once again, that is liberal dribble to think that you get hurt when anyone, or business, doesn’t pay taxes.  Quit arguing for them to pay taxes and start arguing that you pay too much!  Think of it this way, when a corporation doesn’t pay taxes or a individual doesn’t pay taxes for some odd reason, they are really just keeping what they rightfully earned!  No one is getting hurt and no food was taken out of your mouth to let them keep THEIR money!!

I am amazed how easy it is to demagogue such issues and people just soak it in and nod in agreement…..Obama should be able to milk this for all its worth!  Those evil corporations….keeping their own money…how dare them!

By the way, the FAIRTAX would eliminate this entire debate and the US would become a tax-free haven for the world!

Or maybe higher taxes are helpful?

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