Posted by: Scott Lee | August 12, 2008

Kaine on energy

Kaine said yesterday that the South generates more energy than any other region in the country — and produces more pollution.     Evil south!  We should pan back our quality of life!

Southern states provide 57 percent of the nation’s fossil fuels, 56 percent of its natural gas and one-third of its coal. They also refine 53 percent of the petroleum consumed in the country.  That sounds like Obama when he said that we have 3% of the world population but use 25% of the energy!  USA is the bad one and now Kaine says the south is the worst part of the evil America!  This fact is irrelevant, absolutely irrelevant.  Who cares how much energy we use. WE PAY FOR IT! And we have a great quality of life!

“We produce the nation’s energy overwhelmingly,” Kaine said.  Wipe the tears from my eyes!

But as of 2004, Southern states also generated 2,747 million metric tons of greenhouse gas — trailing only the European Union (3,115), China (5,010) and the United States (6,049).  See!  We are the fourth worst!  My goal is to be number #1. Come on, join me… SUV’s and leave the lights on!

Kaine said the South is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, citing the coastal areas of Louisiana and Hampton Roads, home to 1.6 million people, which could be endangered by a rise in sea level resulting from climate change.  Kaine has really swallowed the hook, line and sinker on the global warming con!   He should call for a full evacuation of Tidewater!   If this were the ’80’s he would would be singing global cooling with Ted Danson!

Lets face it…Democrats do not have an energy plan unless it involves you changing your lifestyle….and I mean for the worst!  These people won’t be happy until we are back in the stone age or, at least, until we are no longer the “world’s top polluters!”  Here is some more evidence that Kaine has it wrong:

Kaine said the challenge in Virginia is to maintain what he called its relatively low cost of energy to consumers while encouraging greater conservation and efficiency.    Why is this a challenge?  Because his priorities are warped!  He wants less use and less energy!  Just produce more nuclear power, more oil, more clean coal!  The challenge should be to find more energy, not reduce it!!  But I am just a radical “planet hater!”

By the way, you don’t want to pay more for “clean” energy, do you?

Besides, cleaner energy can be dangerous: click here.

George Bush handled this liberal energy question very well: click here.

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