Posted by: Scott Lee | August 14, 2008

Grumpy Old Party (GOP)

Times Dispatch editorial took Delegate Kirk Cox to task for discussing what Tim Kaine would do about the budget shortfall by saying he, “will probably propose what is in the best interest of his vice-presidential ambitions.”  I laughed,  the TD editorial didn’t!  They assumed something completely different than I did, imagine that!

Most really good humor is based in some sort of truth.  Tim Kaine has been running for VP and for Delegate Cox to say the above is just funny, isn’t it?  Or not, according to the “editors”!  They said it is an indication that Cox is “assert(ing) that his party never would do such things.”  Really? That is a big assumption out of a comment that was meant to be funny and, quite possibly, accurate!

So a simple, funny comment is now evidence that the Republicans are far from humble and should be perceived as the Grumpy Old Party?   Maybe the GOP is grumpy and old but it certainly isn’t found in Cox’s comments.  I actually find it refreshing and bold!  I LIKE IT!  Maybe the TD Editors are a bit grumpy and, dare I say, a bit sensitive.  I guess I will now be labeled grumpy and old, but, at least, I am still humble and sensitive!

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