Posted by: Scott Lee | August 14, 2008

Hard Times…for who?

The government, of course! Did you think it was Virginia families?  Families?  They can always live with less, but never government!  With all the talk of Virginia having a budget shortfall (under Kaine’s watch, by the way) are you concerned about government services???

Think of your family, how much of what you do depends on the spending of government?  Me?  I think my family would do just fine!  Reminds me of something I said in the past: the best form of government is the one not in session!

I will do just fine, no tears shed here!  I am reminded of this show: click here.


  1. […] years ago, Virginia faced a budget shortfall. Painful cuts ensued.  Painful for who?  Government?  But there were no cuts, only decreases in the increase, resulting in net spending increase!  […]

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