Posted by: Scott Lee | August 22, 2008

Harassing e-mails from the Obama campaign

According to an e-mail we recieved, Obama’s text message idea is expensive and a pain in the rear!

When it was announced that the Senator would announce his VP selection by text message, I
signed up.  Only after doing so did I realize that I was also signing up for a continuous
string of campaign messages.  I have been receiving about 10 text messages each day from
the Obama Campaign.

I have repeatedly requested, and then demanded that the messages be terminated but to no
avail.  I did receive a response from a Haley Van Dyck (
apologizing for my difficulties and promising that the messages would stop immediately. 
That was about 30 messages ago.

The official web site suggests a link to, however a browser request for that page results in a
message saying the page doesn’t exist.

Finally, you gotta love this.  A call to a toll free number listed on the site results in
a recorded message reminding me that it is after hours. It refers me to the web site, and
says I may leave a message.  When I attempt to do so, it tells me that the mailbox cannot
accept messages because it is full.  “Press 0 for further assistance”.  Pressing 0
results in the following message: “you have selected an invalid option…. Press 0 for
further assistance”.

I’m sure that I won’t ever see any money, but I have demanded that the campaign pay me at
the rate of 10cents for each text that I have received. (that’s the going rate if you
don’t have an unlimited plan).  The senator currently owes me about $14.00, and I have
demanded immediate payment. 😉

As I said in the beginning, hopefully one of you fine radio hosts will decide to follow
up and challenge the Obama Camp to do the right thing.

Yes, it’s a little thing, and I’m just a little guy, but doesn’t the Senator claim to be
looking out for the little guy? or is he just looking out for my tax dollars?

Jay Brown
Richmond, Va.

Isn’t that great!  I have to laugh a little…Richard signed up for the same thing!  Jay makes a great point, text messages are not free! 

What do you think?  Should the Obama campaign pay up?  Obama will probably try to find a way to blame the rich cell phone companies and call their profits obscene!


  1. Just reply “unsubscribe” to the next text message you get. I got an immediate reply telling me I would no longer receive messages.

  2. Exactly. Just reply with one word “unsubscribe” and you will get a conformation text after that and it will be over. Same as with any unwanted texting or email you would ever receive.

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