Posted by: Scott Lee | August 25, 2008

ACLU sues to stop ‘religious messages’ at meetings

ACLU is part of the Democrat party, I think??  Once again, thanks to the ACLU for expanding freedom by limiting it! 

“I think this is really where you pull the cover off and see what you’re really looking at with the ACLU,” Shackelford told OneNewsNow. “This is religious bigotry; it’s anti-free speech; it’s everything that they’re supposed to be against.”

“The government really has no business telling anybody how they should or should not pray,” Shackelford said. “And the fact that the ACLU is trying to use the power of government to tell people how to pray is just an incredible invasion of freedom, and (it) shows that they are not about freedom and liberty at all. They’re about oppression and trying to stamp out religious speech.”

Well said! Well said!

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