Posted by: Scott Lee | August 25, 2008

Democrats open faith-filled convention with prayer

Oh, this is great….this from the people who have done more to damage the history of our Judeo-Christian culture than any one individual.  The below items are a direct result of the whacked left and their allies in the Democrat party:

Prayer according to governement dictates

No God at graduation ceremonies

No “Jesus name” in county meetings

Outrage over a marine in Iraq

This party is so politically correct that it should be hilarious watching them trip all over themselves trying not put too much emphasis on one religion over another.  Here we go:

At the first official event Sunday of the Democratic National Convention, a choir belted out a gospel song and was followed by a rabbi reciting a Torah reading about forgiveness and the future.Helen Prejean, the Catholic nun who wrote “Dead Man Walking,” assailed the death penalty and the use of torture.Young Muslim women in headscarves sat near older African-American women in their finest Sunday hats.

Okay, that covers the Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews! Did they forget anyone? I guess they don’t care to get the votes of the other religions!  This is a joke because it is not genuine!   It has nothing to do with actually seeking the Face of God, praying for wisdom, guidance or Divine grace!  They don’t do it because it is about who they are or because it is the right thing to do!  They do it for one reason.  So why do they do it?  Well, let’s see:

One hallmark of Democratic faith efforts at the convention is diversity, which might soften objections from party activists wary of the Christian right or any mixing of religion and politics. Behind the scenes, efforts to attract the religious vote will concentrate largely on Christian “values voters.””If we create or become a mirror image of the religious right, we have failed,” said Burns Strider, who ran religious outreach for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and now does faith-based political consulting. “But if we have increased the number of chairs around the table, … then we’ve succeeded.”

It all about gettting votes!  Shock me!  Oh,  this is good, the “hallmark is diversity”?  This poor party, diversity for diversity sake!  These people value diversity over freedom!

In fact, you can’t even call it prayer: “There will be four “faith caucus” meetings, blessings to open and close each night…”    Blessings?  Maybe that is the new PC ways to cover all religions.

This party is scared to death of religious people and they don’t even know why it is so important to real America and real people.  It makes me want to sneak up behind Obama and say…BOO!

Besides Obama brand of Chrisitanity is very racist, dare I remind you of Rev. Wright!

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