Posted by: Scott Lee | August 26, 2008

Mark R. Warner will emphasize bipartisan cooperation

Tonight, in the biggest speech of his life, former Gov. Mark R. Warner says he will emphasize the bipartisan cooperation that showed Virginians that government can work.

PLEASE!!  I am so sick of this “bipartisan” junk!  There was nothing bipartisan about the largest tax increase in VA history!  Can someone, please, give me one name that voted for it that was NOT a liberal tax and spender!  Chichester was and is a LIBERAL!  The State Senate is full of liberals, Republican and Democrat.

Who wants bipartisanship? Mark Warner didnt’ show how government can work, he showed how government can come together to rob the citizenry!  Who wants that?  If that what it means, I DON”T WANT GOVERNMENT TO WORK!  I want government to do nothing but get out of my way!

But to Warner, Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Democrat Party, government is good and the only reason it is bad is because they aren’t running it.  That is why they still think Socialism works even though it has failed everywhere it is tried.  In their warped minds, they can make it work and the only reason it failed was because it was run by the wrong people.

Warner is nothing more than a big government liberal that thinks he figured out how to make government work!  If you think that means more freedom, then vote Obama.   Pass the barf bucket!

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