Posted by: Scott Lee | September 10, 2008

“cover up the biggest shortfall in Virginia history” ??

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When was this?  I am thinking it might be Tim Kaine’s administration today, but according to Mark Warner it was when he took office!

Tell the same lie over and over again, unchallenged by the media, and it becomes the truth!  Gilmore delivered Warner a balanced budget, by VA state law!

Schapiro shows his regular left-leaning bias in this article: “..spotlights the $1.4 billion tax increase that Warner won for police, public education and social services in 2004”!  As if Warner saved the police, our kids, and “the all important” social services! (I know this doesn’t matter, but the day he signed the increase we had a surplus of 300 million! How can that be?)

Even worst, another example of blaming the taxpayer for a made up “budget problem”, Schapiro said, “Even as the economy slowed in 2001, Gilmore pushed to expand his promised rollback of the locally imposed car tax — a move resisted by moderate Senate Republicans as too costly.”  Hey, is our money!  I really like the “moderate Republicans” line….Chichester is no moderate..just another big tax and spender politician who doesn’t have the guts to make real cuts. 

Speaking of cuts: “Warner cut spending over several years by $6 billion”.  Let do I say this….THERE WERE NO CUTS!!  Warner’s budget exploded..increase…grew..went up!  How can a budget increase be called a cut? Only by politicians and Times-Dispatch writers!

Just like Kaine, Warner blamed the taxpayer for budget issues and he will do it again in the US Senate!

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