Posted by: Scott Lee | September 12, 2008

God is on our side

Charlie Gibson and the radical Left don’t know how to deal with people who have a distinct Christian worldview (examples: 1, 2, and 3.)  A worldview that simply states that there is evil in the world, Islomfascists, and sometimes God uses governments of the world to weld his sword (Romans 13).  Yes, I am so bold to say, God is on America’s side and  America is on God side!

Eat my shorts Gibson!!  Audio update: Sept_13th_Palins_is_right_God_is_on_our_side.mp3


  1. Charlie Gibson is from the radical left?

  2. Maybe not, but I would say that he fits the mold. The condensending attitude can sometimes be a clue!

  3. The other side fights for death. Ours and their own. Allah apparently is the god of “Death”. Many in the US still worship the ONE TRUE GOD. And he is the God of Life. He made Life, He Gives Life and Liberty. He is the BREATH of Life. I don’t know if many in the US stilll worship thee GOD of LIFE, but I do, and whether it is abortion, infanticide, euthenasia, or war and capital punshment to defeat those who kill and worship the god of death, I support protecting innocent life because all life is sacred and a gift from our creator. I personally believe Sarah Palin also worships the GOD of LIFE. And I believe many of our soldiers are willing to fight and even die to protect our lives from suicide worshipping bombers who want a NUCLEAR WEAPON to spread their DEATH. Which God’s side are you on? The GOD of LIFE or the god of death?

  4. curtd….welcome and blog here anytime!! well stated. Are you a long lost “Lee Brothers”?

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