Posted by: Scott Lee | September 14, 2008

Hispanics in Richmond

The 56-year-old hospital worker, born in Bolivia, became a U.S. citizen this summer. So when someone with the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce asked if she wanted to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election, she jumped at the chance.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce?  Does anyone else have a problem with this? What does a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce do?  Why is it needed?  Are there Canadian Chamber of commerce’s?  Any others?

That’s why I am so excited,” Barrientos says. “We have to make changes in this country.”

Will the Hispanic Chamber help?  I wonder what changes she think needs to be made? English as the official language? 

“For Barrientos and other Hispanics, change means improvements in U.S. immigration laws..”  Should have known!  I guess this means they are voting Democrat!

“Any candidate that doesn’t have an outreach plan for Latinos is [crazy],” said Mauricio Vivero, executive director of Ayuda, a nonprofit group of Latino businesses in Northern Virginia that advocates involvement in the political and legislative process.

What would this “outreach” look like?  Don’t the issues that I like appeal to Hispanics?  Is there a “outreach” for white, men, married to one women, with four kids?  Once again, it is hyphenated-American politics.  Divide us by race, gender (all three), class, hair color, hairless, fat, and ugly!  Does this help make us “one nation”, a melting pot? or a expansion of the multi-cultural society that looks like a mixed salad (mixed but separate?)

But among the category marked “Hispanics/others,” the gap widened.   See “categories”!  The Left loves doing this!  Again, what are all the other categories?

“Virginia’s Hispanic population is a multiethnic community — a strong Cuban presence, Salvadoran presence and a growing Mexican immigrant population,” Pachon said.   Now we have “segments” of categories?  Will the madness ever stop!!!

“You’re talking about a dozen countries, different languages,” Vivero said. “It’s a tricky business. You’ve got to know who your audience is. It’s not just saying ‘buenas noches’ at a fundraiser.”

So much for assimilation!  Are they talking about America?  Dozen countries? Different languages? Pure madness!

Hispanic community leaders say debate this year and last year over proposed crackdowns on the ability of illegal immigrants to work or attend college in Virginia have energized Hispanic voters and could bring them to the polls in greater numbers.

The important word here..”ILLEGAL”!  So let me get this straight, illegal immigrants are looking for a President that will help “illegal” immigrants go to college?  Boy, we are doing a great job of assimilation people to this country.  Hispanics that are now citizens of this country are interested in Illegals working and going to college?  What great Americans! Let’s just make college free for anyone and everyone (that would be fair, right?

“There has been so much immigrant bashing over the last six to eight years in Virginia that Latinos are going to come out and look at the candidates that are expressing respect to the community for the hard work it’s doing and contributing to the economy,” said Andres Tobar, chairman of the Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations.

These people do not get it!  No problem with immigration, it is ILLEGAL immigration!!  Shouldn’t any country have the right to choose who comes in our country and who does not! I mean, just for… and health reasons!  Example might include, but not limited to…no terrorists or anyone that has AIDS.  Just a question for Illegals or legal immigrants, or “New Americans”, what kind of country do you want America to be?


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