Posted by: Scott Lee | September 24, 2008

VA facing $3 billion shortfall

What?  How so?  I thought we solved this with taxe increases in 2003?  Maybe, just maybe, raising spending from 72 billion to 77 billion wasn’t such a good idea!

We were warned about this by Lt Gov Bolling on March 15th.  Delegate Kirk Cox lays out the facts on the budget on March 7th.

Cox and Bolling knew it was coming!  No one would listen and Kaine just wanted to spend more money and project huge economic gains!  Democrats are always looking for someone to blame….look in the mirror!

I love this….”It’s certainly not going to be fun making these cuts,” Griffith said in a phone interview. “We need to be very cautious, which means we need to be looking to the worst-case scenario.”  Of course, cuts are not is much easier to SPEND MONEY.. isn’t it!!!  Making real decisions aren’t fun..this is why I have always said it is gutless to increase spending and taxes and courageous to cut spending and taxes!


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