Posted by: Scott Lee | October 1, 2008

Economy fix?

Really, what can’t 700 billion fix? All we need is a little more money to through at the problem to fix it! Just look what more money did for education and the poor in our country…I know…. your thinking like me….WOW!

Dave Ramsey actually has a very good alternative: Common Sense fix.  I would add a huge Corporate tax rate reduction and implement the Fairtax immediately!

But that would be “spending” money by cutting their taxes!!!  Obama would never allow it!


  1. This morning on the news, I keep hearing the analogy that Congress is the “Paramedic” and the Economy is the sick-poisoned patient (Taxpayers).

    If that is the analogy that we must use, then we should align it with the True Facts.

    We should mention that the “Paramedic” (Congress) is the one who fed us the “Poison” (FannieMae-FreddieMac) that made us sick in the first place. The poison is rightly called “Politically-Correct Socialized Real Estate.”

    Now the “Paramedic” who made us sick is telling us they will make it better by getting us a “Facelift” and an “Expensive Armani Suit” (All the Bailout Plans).

    To pay for this “Cure” he is using OUR credit card to get us the “fanciest plastic surgeon” and the “priciest tailor.”

    And oh by the way, the Paramedic, Tailor, and Plastic Surgeon are all the same person who fed us the poison. Congress.

    The truly shameful thing is that we/the “Sick Patient – Taxpayer”, agreed to take the poison when we should have known better, and we are about to swallow the false “Cure.”

    Curt D
    Richmond, VA

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