Posted by: Scott Lee | November 5, 2008

President Obama….

Okay, fine!  Apparently, my ideas are not acceptable.  Maybe I am wrong. 

If you voted for Obama, here is what you voted for:

  1. Health Care mandates on employers and fines for those who don’t comply. Move towards government run.
  2. Higher taxes.  For everyone!  Mark my words..Bush’s taxes will be repealed and that is $3000 per family in VA!
  3. Job loses due to regulation and taxation.
  4. Fairness Doctrine. Talk radio only (really fair)!
  5. Free college.
  6. Retire with dignity.
  7. Cuts in Military.
  8. Supreme Court that sees a living Constitution. Judges making law!
  9. Expensive energy.No drilling. Mandated government cap and trade. Mandated CAFE standards for cars. More expensive cars and driving.
  10. Education.Same old government indoctrination centers! No choice, just more money.
  11. Spending.  HUGE!  Remember, this means less freedom!

So, to all Obama supporters…thanks!


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