Posted by: Scott Lee | November 14, 2008

The tolerance of homosexuality

The people vote, overwhelmingly, for Prop 8 in California.  The Gay’s politely went along their “business” and recognized the right of the people to vote in California….WRONG!

Instead, they attack an 80 year old women during a news report. They  ripped a cross out of her hand and stomp on it and screamed in her face! 

Oh, the sound of the most tolerant among us!  Disgusting in so many ways!

When was the last time you saw those radical “married supporters” riot and shout down the gays?


  1. I’m pretty sure you can find extremism on any issue. You pick on homosexuality, to attempt to justify your own prejudices.
    For example, you’re clearly pro capitalism…… I seem to remember Pinochet, when inacting his brand of Friedman-influenced capitalism, he had anyone who called themselves ‘left wing’ hunted down and killed, I could easily imply that therefore, all capitalists are evil genocidal maniacs.
    Gay people deserve privacy from those who seem to think they’re superior because they’re hetrosexual. They deserve the right to be with whoever they want to be. It should not be shunned just because Leviticus regards it as an ‘abomination’, given that Leviticus also suggests I should stone my dad to death for working on the Sabbath.
    It strikes me as despicable that anyone feels they have the right to call something that means the World to someone else, ‘unnatural’.

  2. I didn’t pick Homosexuality, they picked us. Did you not see the video, they are the attackers!

    Your post is interesting, you point to others in history that have done bad things. Why wouldnt you say what they are doing is wrong, or do you not think so?

    “Gay people deserve privacy from those who seem to think they’re superior because they’re hetrosexual.” Are you insane, gays are the ones who think they are superior! Deserve privacy??? What we do…run in their homes and yank them out! THEY HAVE PRIVACY! AND THEY SHOULD KEEP IT THAT WAY! And there would be no problems. California voted that marriage should be between man and women, and for that the voters invaded the “privacy” of gays??? LOL.

    Don’t mis-quote a Bible passage, that you don’t even believe in, to make your point. The passage in Leviticus is under Theocratic Israel, it is not a Bibilical mandate to stone anyone. Nice try. Why is it that you never quote any verse from the New Testament that clearly teaches against homosexuality? I mean..if you like quoting the Bible.

    Your it is “despicable” to say something is wrong. We are shouted into silence by the “tolerant”ones!

    “Unnatural”…well…take just a second to think about two things: the act of homosexuality and procreation. You answer the question!!

    I promise not to rip your “version of the cross” out of your hands and stomp on it. I will just debate you!

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