Posted by: Scott Lee | November 21, 2008

They call this art?

Two pieces of controversial artwork are no longer on display at the University of Tennessee at Martin.  About 35 people showed up to voice their concerns about exhibits featuring burned copies of the constitution, a shredded American flag, and a shredded bible.

It is amazing what is considered art!  What a bunch of whacked kids!   Do you expect anything different from a bunch of indoctrinated college students.  Listen to them:

“I disagree with the art,” said UTM student Jeremy Rhoades. “But I like that it got an emotional response. It did it’s job if it makes people emotional.”  Is that what is about… getting an “emotional response!”  Does the American Flag flying on a pole, in one piece, give you an “emotional response?”  Does ready the Bible, give you an “emotional response” (forgive my balantantly Christian assumption, I know it’s not PC)? 

I forgot, …..”they are certainly entitled to do so under our constitution,” said Art Department Chair Douglas Cook. He says both pieces are from a contemporary art class where students were asked to investigate modes of expression. “  Yep, it is about “expression” instead of common sense or decency.  And, if the Constitution allows for you to be stupid..then do it!

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