Obama should shut down Gitmo

Shocked by my statement?  You won’t be when you learn what really happens down in Guantanamo.  You will agree with me…shut it down now!

As we documented with this interview with Richard Miniter, Gitmo is a joke!  It is a huge political correct experiment run by the radical left!  If you haven’t heard Miniter, it is well worth the time. It is a must listen!

Now, Coulter reminds us in her recent article, Terrorists’ Restless Leg Syndrome, that $75,000 bought a terrorist a artificial leg so that can go back to the battle field and cause more havoc!

After being captured fighting with Taliban forces against Americans in 2001, Abdullah Massoud was sent to Guantanamo, where the one-legged terrorist was fitted with a special prosthetic leg, at a cost of $50,000-$75,000 to the U.S. taxpayer. Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, Massoud would now be able to park his car bomb in a handicapped parking space!

Americans for Disabilities Act?  Barf bucket anyone!!

Upon his release in March 2004, Massoud hippity-hopped back to Afghanistan and quickly resumed his war against the U.S. Aided by his new artificial leg, just months later, in October 2004, Massoud masterminded the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers in Pakistan working on the Gomal Zam Dam project.

Where is the press?  In none of the news accounts I read of Massoud’s return to jihad after his release from Guantanamo is there any mention of the fact that his prosthetic leg was acquired in Guantanamo, courtesy of American taxpayers after he was captured trying to kill Americans on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

News about the prosthetic leg might interfere with stories of the innocent aid workers being held captive at Guantanamo in George Bush’s AmeriKKKa.

Close Gitmo now!

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