Posted by: Scott Lee | December 17, 2008

Kaine-Just another Liberal

The Democrats are the party of new ideas!

Kaine’s new idea..ready……… is to raise taxes! 

What?  That’s not new?  Well, it doesn’t matter, it is the only answer for Liberals in every situation: health care problem-raise taxes, global warming scam-raise taxes, economy slow-raise taxes, debt-raise taxes!  Sounds so innovative, doesn’t it!

VA has at least a 3 billion debt problem caused by OVERSPENDING, not because we are under-taxed.  But Kaine, showing why he is just another Liberal, plans on blaming the taxpayer and raising taxes on cigarettes. Of course, Liberals love to use tax policy for social engineering!

In your household, can you go ask your employer for more money when things get tight? Kaine and Government can!

When things get tight, can you spend money on new items (furniture, TVs, cars) with impunity? Kaine and Government can (Pre-K)!

And why cigarettes?  Because he can convince enough dopes that 1) cigarettes are evil. 2) Cigarettes cause more health problems. 3) People who smoke should pay there fair share. 4) Doubling the tax is still lower than other states. 5) Obama was a good choice!

ALL ARE WRONG!  (especially Obama as a good choice!)  What if Kaine (or the big, bad government) decided that hamburgers (or pick your vice; like evil SUV’s or regular light bulbs) where bad for the environment, killed cows, or aren’t healthy, therefore should be taxed?  Would that be acceptable!  Of  course not!  But the dopes of the world line all line up behind Kaine in support of that very principle! 

I told you Kaine would raise taxes!  It must stop!  Stand up and fight against all new ways to tax us! I don’t know what is worse: Democrats stupid ideas or the people that support them! 

But, at least, we are still one of the lowest taxed states on cigarettes. Dare I say: PUKE!


  1. PUKE…my new favorite word.

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