Posted by: Scott Lee | December 17, 2008

Kaine thinks his job is to spend

In a quote at the VA Employment Commisssion Workforce One Stop Center last week, Governor Kaine said:

“Let’s be realistic, you don’t run for Governor to make budget cuts.”

Then the very next week, he said this:

“Obviously this isn’t the best year for new huge investments.” “We will find new money for a couple of key initiatives this year!”

No matter what?  Kaine is going to spend money! NO MATTER WHAT..he can’t be stopped!

Truth slips out every now and then.  I would like to see a politicians run on cutting the budget, instead of offering promises of more spending for pet projects (Pre-K!)

There is one hope for that kind of politician in VA – Click here to find out who!

Governor, lets be realistic,you pander to the people through socialists ideas and you and your buddy, Obama, are a threat to a free ran for Governor to spend money!

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