Posted by: Scott Lee | December 23, 2008

Christmas Wishes From Home for our Troops

Thanks to all for participating in wishing our troops a Merry Christmas.

We have posted the entire show under our Patriot Radio link at our site: or click here. 

We couldn’t get to all the emails so we have posted them here.

Godspeed to the greatest fighting force in the world!

Proud father of Joshua Carbone

Dear Lee Brothers,

I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a special heart felt thank you to those who served for the freedoms of our wonderful nation. Since my son Joshua left for Iraq, I have a better appreciation of what that service requires. Many before him made the ultimate sacrifice and prepared a safer course for my son and our country. How do you thank a father, mother, wife, husband, son or daughter for such a sacrifice? As a father of a child in a hostile location, I fight the demons everyday but I trust in God for his purpose and protection. As the holidays loom closer, I will surely miss him more, if that is possible. Nevertheless, a plate will be set at the table and gifts under the tree as a reminder for all who are absent from their families.

Your my favorite fill-ins

I’d like to thank some of my personal Heroes

Lt. Colonel Mark Schmidt, U.S. Air Force, F16 Pilot

Lt. Jonathon Schmidt, U.S. Air Force, T38 Pilot

Ryan Schmidt, Cadet VMI 2011

Heather Schmidt, Color Corporal, VMI Cadet 2010

Zack Youngsma, Regimental Commander, VMI 2008 

Also, All of our brave Men and Women serving this great country

Merry Christmas!
Wade Schmidt

My daughter, Jennifer is in Iraq.  She’s a navigator for prowlers in the Marines.  I want to wish her squadron (The Banshees) and all our troops a very Merry Christmas and a New year filled with hope and a swift reunion with their loved ones.
We love you Jennifer!
Thank you and Merry Christmas

I was driving home and heard Bill Janis extend his Christmas greetings to his Brother Rats serving our great nation. First of all, thanks for making me almost wreck the car from the misting of the eyes!  Glad I didn’t have my cell phone or it could have been real trouble!

 My brother,… Lt. Col Tom Anthony; …was one of the servicemen he mentioned serving in the Horn of Africa.  I just want to say how much that touched me.  Being Tom’s brother and knowing he wont be home this year for Christmas to see his 3 year old niece and nephew, myself, his sister in law and father, has brought a bit of sadness to my holiday spirit. Your show today has dissolved that inner sadness.
 Thank you for reminding me of what it is to be an American and the importance of what our men and women are doing.  The sacrifice that they give to our nation, is a gift to all of us that I can not describe by any words, but I know that it is felt appreciated by all of us.  I know Bill Janis, and he is one of the most honorable, and decent person that I have ever had the privilege to meet.  I am proud that he is my representative.  Please extend my Christmas wishes to his family as well as your own; and rest assured that Lt Col Tom Anthony will know that he is being thought of with great love and admiration during this holiday season.  Thanks again for all the good that you both do.
God Bless, and Merry Christmas!
The Anthony’s

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