USA-Patriotism Poem

David Bancroft is a great American and real Patriot.  He sent us  this poem to express his support for the troops during this Christmas Season!  Enjoy…
And my poem, Our Valiant Troops, is the best way to express how fellow patriots and I feel about you.
Our Valiant Troops
So many thoughts and emotions are evoked,
when seeing young men and women,
standing at attention,
showing their loyalty and pride
in salute to Old Glory
that waves triumphantly above
as they listen intently
to our great country’s anthem…
They are daughters, sons,
sisters, brothers, husbands, wives,
other loved ones and very dear friends…
They come from all walks of life and every state.
Even some do so for citizenship sake.
They are our valiant troops…
each performing their role
to keep the USA free,
and doing what it takes
for others in need.
They do so not for greed or political belief,
but to serve, honor, and protect,
knowing that the ultimate price might be paid,
followed by more tears
when solemn taps are played.
They deserve so much for what they do,
including being remembered as a veteran too…
And just imagine how you might make one feel
with a simple thank you for being there for us,
when seeing the uniform being worn.
By David G. Bancroft
Copyright © 2004
All Rights Reserved
I wish you happiness and joy during this Christmas season or as you celebrate your respective faith’s holiday . . . and pray for your safe return home to your loved ones!

David Bancroft
Founder / Owner
USA Patriotism!
“Love and Pride of America!”

5 thoughts on “USA-Patriotism Poem

  1. There is only one way I can thank you all without doing it personally, and that is prayer. You all are in our prayers daily at morning mass at St. Joan of Ark, Yorktown, VA. I went through part of the Cold War, and Nam, and know what each one of you are going through being away from your families, especially at Christmas. My wishes to you: come home safely, returning to your wonderful families waiting with open arms. God bless you all. Tom

  2. Mildred L Reagan

    Thank you for your love of our America and for this absolutely beautiful poem. I copied it and used it in my blog post on Facebook, of course, with your name on it as the author.I hope this was okay with you. I have so many vet friends and family and it appealed to my heart to post it and dedicate it to them. ❤

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