Posted by: Scott Lee | December 28, 2008

Navy, environmentalists settle sonar lawsuit

Loony, tree hugger leftist wanted the Navy to stop training exercises because it “might” be hurting whales and other marine life.

The complaint sought a court order to curb mid-frequency sonar, the Navy’s preferred method for detecting enemy submarines, on the grounds the sonar disturbs and sometimes kills whales and dolphins.

Cry me a river! Let me see…..Whales?…or the best Navy in the world to protect America?   It is a tough one!    BESIDES….there is little evidence that sonar has any impact on any ocean life!  Yet…

Environmentalists argue that mid-frequency active sonar can disrupt whale feeding patterns, and in the most extreme cases can kill whales by causing them to beach themselves. But scientists aren’t sure why sonar affects some species more than others. They also don’t fully know how it hurts whales!

These idiots actually won some cases and distracted our military from doing their job!  Yet, common sense prevailed…

But last month, in a ruling on a NRDC lawsuit challenging the Navy’s sonar training exercises off Southern California, the Supreme Court ruled that military training trumps protecting whales.  Chief Justice Roberts wrote forcing the Navy to deploy an inadequately trained anti-submarine fleet would jeopardize the safety of the fleet. He also wrote it was unclear how many marine mammals the Navy’s sonar exercises might harm.

We discussed this case in July while filling for Doc on WRVA.  Click here to listen.  This people are a gift to talk radio!

I say the military vows to protect every American EXCEPT anyone who is an environmentalist freak!

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