Posted by: Scott Lee | December 29, 2008

No women representation in VA

When the new Congress convenes early next month, Virginia’s 11-member House delegation will be without a woman for the first time since 2000.

And why should I care?  No,  really, what is the big deal?  Are you saying men can’t represent all people?  

Leslie Byrne, a Democrat, says “This is a step backwards for Virignia!”   Step backwards?  How?  The people voted and they voted for the huge liberal, Glenn Nye, over the Republican Thelma Drake! Ask them if they feel it is a step back!  Of course, it is a step back from our Founding Father Principles because Nye is a socialists, not because he happens to be a man!!!

“Regardless of the party, women ought to have more representation.” Leslie Bryne

Apparently, according to Byrne, we should vote for women no matter what their position.  They could be….say…ugly, fat, and a liberal..and no one should care?  I CARE!

“It’s time for the men to come forward and take an interest in identifying women candidates,” she said  Hey, if women want to run, they don’t need my help!  It could be…just maybe…that women don’t like politics!  is that okay?

Typical liberalism, style and fashion over substance!

Reminds me of the show we did on “gentlewomen”: click here!

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