Posted by: Scott Lee | January 1, 2009

Government can’t protect us from us

I hate it when I am proven correct….no really..then I have to rub it in Richard’s face on the air and he hates it!

Payday Lenders elude reforms!  I am completely shocked..shocked that government over-regulation and red tape burdens don’t work ……and shocked that a free people can find themselves around a over-reaching, all powerful government!

A clampdown on high-cost instant loans takes effect today, but lenders already are finding ways around it—and legislators are steamed. Poor politicians!  I feel bad for them…did no one listen to the brightest among us!

I no longer believe they are people of good will trying to work with the legislature,Sen. A. Donald McEachin, D-Henrico, an industry critic, said of maneuvering by lenders. It shows a great deal of bad faith on their part.  How dare a private company try to protect itself from government mandates! Can you imagine the nerve?  Someone should tell this “public servant” that Payday Lenders should answer to the market only!  Has McEachin ever ran a business?  Made a payroll? Started a company and then have government tell him how to run it?  Being a lawyer doesn’t count! 

Richard and I argued this during the 2008 GA. Click here.

Government takes freedom away!  Government can’t save us from us!

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