Posted by: Scott Lee | January 1, 2009

Times Dispatch Creed

I must say I was impressed with the Creed the TD printed in the paper today.  I couldn’t help but think what the creed would be for..say..the NYTimes!

We believe in…

  1. Moral absolutes
  2. Freedom
  3. Right to Property
  4. Free Enterprise
  5. Man’s Fallen Nature
  6. Limited Government
  7. Strong National Defense
  8. Fiscal Conservatism

No wonder the paper refused to endorse Obama…they stand for everything he isn’t!

If I could make the T-D paper a Honorary Lee Brother, I would!  I think we agree on much!

Well Done!


  1. I am a soon to be TD subscriber.

    • Timely1,
      I hope you enjoy it, but if you miss it, just listen to The Lee Brothers! 🙂

      Stand Firm!

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